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Our teachers see our children as whole human beings with academic needs, social-emotional needs, physical needs, as well as the need for the development of character.

In Primary School (ages 6-12), NZSJ applies the New Zealand Primary Curriculum...

... a curriculum with the vision to create confident, connected and actively engaged life-long learners. This is supplemented by other academic frameworks including Cambridge. The New Zealand Curriculum focuses on eight areas:

- English
- The Arts
- Health and Physical Education
- Languages
- Mathematics and Statistics
- Science
- Social Sciences
- Technology

Our children are the starting point for lesson plans.

In practice, this means that teachers develop learning modules that are appropriate to an individual child’s learning needs (and our smaller school means that this can be managed effectively). In addition, our focus is not just in filling children's minds, but filling their hearts as well. Character education is critical and intertwined throughout the NZSJ experience, giving children many opportunities to develop and shine. Our teaching models provide children with access to their preferred learning style and encourage a positive and stimulating environment for growth. Thus, underpinning the New Zealand Primary Curriculum are five key competencies that are applied across the eight focus areas:

- Thinking;
- Understanding language, symbols and texts;
- Relating to others;
- Managing self; and
- Participating & contributing.

We believe the holistic nature of the curriculum gives our learners a solid foundation that will set them up for success in the future.

Our school uses inquiry­-based learning, where ‘inquiry topics’ connect children to the real world.

This approach encourages children to ask thought-­provoking questions and enables them to innovate, think critically and reflect on how they impact society and future generations to come. We develop young learners to have integrity and responsibility for their school and community environment. Hands-on projects, conferences and school-wide initiatives are just a few of the many ways we develop accountability, creativity and responsibility. At NZSJ Primary, we put in place the support needed to challenge our children. This paves the way for them to reach their potential, even when faced with difficulties.

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