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Below you will find our School fees for the current academic year, AY 2020/2021. All fees are in Indonesian Rupiah (IDR).

The Registration Fee is paid once upon registration for all grades and is non-refundable.

The Annual Development Levy (ADL) is paid for a full year and pro-rated by term only when a student joins NZS part-way through an academic year. The ADL is non-refundable.

Grades Registration Fee Annual Development Annual Tuition
Indonesian International
Early Years 3,000,000
Pre-School 6,300,000 40,824,000 51,030,000
Kindergarten 1 & 2 10,500,000 71,820,000 89,775,000
Primary School
Grades 1 - 6 57,500,000 132,300,000 165,375,000
Secondary School
Grades 7 to 9 57,500,000 132,300,000 165,375,000

The above Fees table does not include additional fees for uniforms, after school or annual school activities (such as excursions), the canteen or catering services and the school bus service.

Fees Detail


Additional Fees


NZSJ offers an on­site canteen where children can purchase lunch, as well as a fortnightly subscription catering service. Please contact the Admission Team for details on the canteen and catering service.

NZSJ also provides a bus service to pick up and drop off students. Current routes serviced include Central and South Jakarta. If you are interested in the bus service for one of these routes or for a different route, please contact the Admission Team, who will also provide you with the fees table for the service.

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School Activities

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